Acoustic Directions


Sound Systems

Acoustic Directions is a world leader in the design of sound reinforcement and public-address systems, particularly for challenging spaces or situations. Underpinning our skills in sound system design is a deep knowledge of speech intelligibility and how to achieve high intelligibility for listeners, acoustic and loudspeaker array theory, loudspeaker transducers and crossovers.

Among systems we have designed are the Australian Parliamentary Chambers, the New Zealand Parliament Chamber, the High Court of Australia, the NZ Supreme Court, St Pauls and St Andrews Cathedrals, Sydney’s Central Station, Brisbane Airport link and North Connex tunnels and three road tunnels in New Zealand.

A key attribute of achieving excellent sound in challenging spaces is the control of the directionality of the loudspeaker’s sound. In situations in which there were no suitable commercially-available loudspeakers, we have developed our own loudspeaker arrays; sometimes using innovate e arrays of commercial products, or high tailored arrays of transducers which are designed using our own software.

Acoustic Directions has won numerous awards for our sound system designs:

  • Australian War Memorial, Canberra ACT – AVIA, 2015*
  • St Andrews Cathedral, Sydney, Australia – AVIA, 2014*
  • The Concourse, Chatswood, Australia – AVIA, 2013*
  • Country Concourse at Sydney Central Station, Australia – AVIA, 2012*
  • St Pauls Cathedral, Sydney, Australia – NECA State Winner, 2008*
  • Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) NECA Award of Excellence, 2006*
  • Influence on Olympic Stadium Design – Entech Award for Technical Brilliance, 1998*
  • Australian Parliament House – Audio Engineering Society (AES) Achievement Awards, 1993
  • High Court of Australia – Audio Engineering Society (AES) Achievement Awards, 1995
  • GESA Sound & Image Awards Loudspeaker of the Year, 1990

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