Acoustic Directions


Architectural & Building Acoustics

Acoustic Directions provides a wide range of acoustic design, advice and testing services for all types of buildings. With a portfolio ranging from buildings of international significance through to local residential, we take pride in applying our design processes to each type of situation. Our approach to the acoustic design is both holistic and thorough, and this ensures we get it right – each time. As acoustics is only one aspect of the built environment, we understand and value the importance of collaboration with other design disciplines. In particular, we enjoy working with architects to develop an optimum balance between form and function.

A key differentiator of Acoustic Directions is our deep understanding of the way that sound moves through a space, and how that movement determines the acoustic comfort of the occupants and the clarity and intelligibility of the sound perceived by listeners. In spaces such as schools and meeting rooms, in which extended speech communication is a primary function, architectural acoustics directly impact the acoustic comfort of both talkers and listeners, and the degree to which listeners are able to readily engage with the subject matter.

Our recent projects include auditoria, worship spaces, sporting and recreating facilities, educational, residential, transport, office and hotels.

Our services include :
  • Detailed acoustical design of rooms and spaces for all types of use.
  • Specialist computer modelling using Odeon to optimise acoustical performance of specialist spaces for speech and musical presentation.
  • Design to ensure building envelopes, glazing, walls and roof achieve the required level of sound insulation.
  • Sound insulation advice and speech-privacy assessments for commercial and public spaces such as offices, schools, courts, libraries.
  • Reverberation control to limit noise in spaces such as aquatic and indoor recreation centres, restaurants, call centres and open-plan offices.
  • Preparation of documentation for all phases of building design.
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