Acoustic Directions


Noise Control & Monitoring

Acoustic Directions’ provides a diverse range of noise-related services for industry and residential situations.

  • Short and long-term measurements of noise and vibration levels from sources such as traffic, trains, machinery, industrial and residential sources.
  • Fine-grained analysis of the audio, which we record with noise measurements, to determine the level of a specific type of intrusive noise, when that noise is embedded within the ambient noise.
  • Assessment of the severity of the impact on residents of all types of noise according to established criteria. Examples are traffic, industrial, entertainment and residential noise.
  • Acoustic design and advice for factories and industrial operations with noise leakage problems.
  • Assessment and advice for industrial situations regarding occupational noise exposure for workers.
  • Noise mapping of large areas to predict community noise level with industrial noise sources and large outdoor concerts according to the method of ISO9613.
  • Design of entertainment spaces, night clubs and hotels to control the noise breakout from live and DJ music, and patron noise.
  • Advice about setting up sound systems in nightclubs and bars to actively reduce the amount of sound leaking from the venue whilst simultaneously improving the listening experience of the venue’s patrons. We use a number of sophisticated techniques that are not mainstream among the companies that often supply equipment to these venues.
  • Preparation of noise management plans for construction and outdoor concerts to provide a framework for the builder or operate to effectively manage the noise emitted from the site in a workable way that minimises the noise impact on the nearby community.

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