Acoustic Directions


Audio Induction Loop

The built environment often provides considerable challenges for hearing loop systems, due to the presence of metal structures which interfere with the audio field. 

Acoustic Directions is among the world-leaders in the design and implementation of hearing loops for hearing-impaired listeners (Audio Field Induction Loop Systems). With our first-principles understanding of the physics of hearing loop systems, we provide a substantially higher level of design skills than distributors or other consultants, who cannot go beyond simply plugging numbers into software. A testament to our technical skill in this area is that an eminent manufacturer of hearing loop equipment purchased the software that Acoustic Directions developed to analyse loop designs.

Our design process optimises loop layouts, minimises loop spill if required whilst addressing metal loss. We have developed a number of innovative solutions to solve difficult situations.

AFIL systems that we design range from large convention centres to busy railway station platforms and concourses, with performance meeting and exceeding Australian and international standards.

Acoustic Directions also undertakes testing, commissioning and optimising of loops systems. The techniques that we use to get the best-possible sound quality for hearing impaired listeners are far above those other companies that commissioning loop systems.

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