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Acoustic Directions offers a wide range of acoustical and electro-acoustical services. Click on the service icons below to learn more:

Acoustic Assessments & Reports

Noise and vibration design and assessments for commercial, industrial, entertainment and residential sectors according to council requirements and EPA guidelines. Includes aircraft, floor impact, mechanical, road/rail and music noise.

Architectural & Building Acoustics

Comprehensive advice, design and documentation for all aspects of the built environment. Our design process emphasises acoustic comfort and functionality.

Noise Control & Monitoring

Noise modelling and design for corporate, industrial, construction and entertainment situations. Short and long-term monitoring of noise/vibration to assess compliance with statutory codes, industrial noise exposure or indoor acoustic comfort.

Sound Systems

Award-winning independent design, advice and specification for all types of situations in which quality and clarity are vital. Site commissioning and testing to optimise listeners’ experience and exacting performance standards.

Residential Floor Assessments

Floor impact noise testing and advice to meet building codes and strata by-laws. Comprehensive service to determine achievable acoustic ratings in apartment buildings for strata managers and owners corporation.

Expert Witness & Audio Forensics

Accurate and thorough acoustic assessments for government, commercial, and strata entities to provide robust legal arguments for court and tribunal hearings. Processing of audio recordings to enhance speech clarity and minimise unwanted noise.

Audio Induction Loops

Independent design and advice for optimal speech clarity tailored for each situation. Site commissioning and testing of loops systems to ensure high-quality sound and standards are met.

Product Development & Testing

Tailored assistance to acoustic and audio manufacturers with development of sound absorption and noise isolation products, headphones, loudspeakers and audio electronics.

Equipment Hire

Tapping machine, noise logger and sound level meters and 3D impulse-response analyser for field and laboratory applications.

About us

High level expertise meets holism-in-design

Acoustic Directions is a firm of acoustic consultants based in Sydney, Australia.

Our passion for good sound, physics, music and performance are hallmarks of Acoustic Directions’ approach to projects.

Our strong theoretical and experiential platforms give us the confidence to innovate effectively. We take pride in fully understanding our clients’ needs and the associated issues. With absolute attention to detail, solutions are custom designed to the specific needs of each situation. This gives our clients the security of knowing the solution has been well considered and is optimum.

Our tools for developing acoustic solutions are acoustical and electro-acoustical theory, mathematical precision, computer modelling, and complex acoustic measurements.

Our holism-in-design approach is a key part of finding solution for problems in which architecture, sound clarity and operational issues are important. By understanding the interdependence of these domains, we can generate solutions that address a wide range of problems.

Acoustic Directions is an Award-winning AAAC member firm

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