Acoustic Directions is a specialist acoustic engineering consultancy

Award winning acoustic engineering design

Acoustic Directions has:

  • A passion for the role of sound and music in our community and the need for speech clarity in public spaces
  • A reputation for delivering excellence in acoustics for the built environment and outstanding sound system designs for live or recorded speech and music

As a world leader in sound system design for difficult or unusual spaces, Acoustic Directions has created sound systems for parliaments, courts, churches, stadia and nightclubs to performance venues across the Asia Pacific area. Offering high fidelity and accuracy, these allow excellent clarity and aural comfort for listeners.

Through our commitments in this area, we have gained a reputation for delivering excellent outcomes.

Bespoke solutions for listening comfort

Good acoustic design means:

  • Comfortably audible speech that is easy to understand– so your audience can concentrate on the content instead of straining to make out the words
  • High fidelity music – so listeners can enjoy every note as it is intended to be heard

A combination of solid engineering and creative innovation is required to address the unique challenges of each acoustic situation. Drawing on an extremely high level of theoretical understanding and an arsenal of state-of the-art test and measurement equipment, our team combines 100-odd years of experience with a love of sound. Our holistic understanding of the interdependence of acoustics, electro acoustics and the human aural experience provides the platform for innovation and accuracy in our tailored solutions.

Co-operation and understanding

Often acoustics and architecture have requirements that can appear to be in conflict, but this doesn’t need to be. We enjoy working co-operatively with architects and other disciplines to find solutions for complex acoustical problems, without compromising architecture, building function or sound quality. With our help, architects provide acoustically enjoyable spaces without sacrificing quality design.

Specialist services that Acoustic Directions provides are:

  • Noise containment measures for venues with live music or recorded music venues with high sound levels, such as hotels, nightclubs, churches and outdoor concerts, so that noise emissions meet statutory codes. In turn, this reduces or eliminates noise complaints from neighbours allowing you to carry on your business without unnecessary distractions.
  • Impact noise testing of apartment floors for residents and strata management.
  • Highly intelligible, ultra-natural sounding speech in spaces such as parliaments, cathedrals and court rooms and other acoustically challenging spaces. Our skills and understanding removes the risk of poor speech clarity in every type of situation.
  • Expert acoustic witness for appeals in the NSW Land and Environment Court.
  • Highly intelligible, ultra-natural sounding announcements in railway stations – long thought impossible – we can make this a reality. Passengers will comfortably hear the announcement without struggling to discern the words.
  • Design of spaces such as auditoria, studios and boardrooms to properly support and optimise the clarity and quality of speech and music.
  • Design of comfortable performing and rehearsal environments for musicians.
  • Hearing loops designed and calibrated to proper standards to assist listeners with a hearing impairment.
  • Testing for compliance with building codes for the Speech Transmission Index rating of emergency sound systems, and Audio Frequency Induction Loops (AFILS).
  • Product testing for manufacturers of architectural acoustic products such as absorbers and diffusers.
  • Forensic audio investigation and restoration services for situations involving audio evidence.