RailCorp NSW – Central Station Sydney

concourse_01In 2005, Acoustic Directions prepared a concept design for the announcement sound systems in Sydney’s Central Station. Many of the spaces are acoustically hostile, having long reverberation times and high background noise levels.

The requirement was to deliver high speech intelligibility in each area, without the need to install acoustic treatment (to reduce reverberation).

Our solutions included innovative cardioid and beam-steered loudspeakers.

We are currently (Oct 07) preparing a tender specification for the implementation of these systems.

RailCorp NSW – Suburban Lines

marrickville_stationAcoustic Directions prepared concept designs for four different types of platform loudspeaker systems so as to allow comparison of the performance of each system with respect to its speech intelligibility and the level of noise spill to residents. This work has provided a basis for RailCorp to consider system options relating to price vs performance.

In addition, we have assisted RailCorp to develop a suitable criteria to limit the noise from station PA systems reaching residents.

RailCorp NSW – Train PA Systems

trainAcoustic Directions has prepared a specification for the audio and hearing loop systems to be installed on Sydney’s next generation of electric trains.