St Paul’s Cathedral Melbourne

st-paulsSt Paul’s is a wonderful, century-old cathedral with quite beautiful design elements.

Initially, we benchmarked the intelligibility and sound quality that the existing system produced.

Acoustic Directions have just completed the design and commissioning of a new system for St Paul’s, which is based around a distributed system of custom, beam-steered line array elements. We are thrilled with the fidelity and effortless speech intelligibility that the new system provides.

ShireLive Sutherland

We provided the acoustic design for this contemporary, music based church, which is located within 50 m of residential apartments. The high sound pressure levels associated with contemporary music have provided strong challenges for noise containment within the Church’s budget.

St Mary’s Cathedral Sydney

st-marys-arrayIn 1998, Glenn Leembruggen designed a beam-steered, full-frequency range loudspeaker system, which allowed architectural integration with structural columns. The system utilised DSP technology and featured compensation for the distance-loss of sound by the speaker’s radiation pattern. Glenn’s design was well in advance of the industry norm, with these types of speakers only becoming available in Australia in 2005.

Acoustic Directions has recently provided the mathematical analysis to enable a complex multi-loop hearing impaired system to be designed for the Cathedral.

Wollongong Salvation Army Headquarters

Acoustic Directions provided an acoustic brief for the Salvation Army’s new centre in Wollongong. Comprising a 600 seat audiorium and multiple rehearsal and children’s area, our brief formed the acoustical foundation for the Army’s negotiation with a design-and-build-developer. We have just been engaged to design the interior acoustics of the auditorium, which will complement the sound of their brass band and choir whilst catering for rock style music performance.

Christ Church Cathedral Newcastle

christ-church-cathedral-newcastleIn 1986, Glenn Leembruggen designed a sound system to deliver high speech intelligibility in this large reverberant church. The system utilised bespoke full frequency-range tapered line array speakers, which were distributed thoughout the Cathedral.