Macquarie Bank Ltd Sydney – Large Conference Room

macquarie-bankThe first part of this project work was to design remedial acoustic treatment for the room so as to tame its echoes and long reverberation times. The second part was to design and commission a sound system that supported the various operational modes of the room.

The electro-acoustic requirements of this room were challenging and not unlike those of courtrooms; viz. a need for very high speech intelligibility, excellent sound quality, and high acoustic gain before feedback with up to 25 microphones and video/tele-conferencing.

Our system used eight beam-steered arrays that were specifically configured for this room. In response to Macquarie’s requirement for overhead microphones, we designed an eighth-space microphone which mounted on the ceiling. The performance of this microphone exceeded expectations. Compared to commercially-available ceiling microphones, our design yielded considerable cost savings for the client and good improvements in pick up area, sound quality and gain before feedback.

The system was expertly implemented by Rutledge Engineering.

Comparison of the performance of our solution with that of a conventional approach using ceiling speakers, shows that our design has much higher fidelity, intelligibility and gain before feedback.

Silkwood Residential Apartments – Surry Hills Sydney

silkwood_04During the construction of this eight-story residential complex, Acoustic Directions was engaged by the project manager Cadence Australia to replace the incumbent acoustic consultant.

We worked with Cadence and the builder to design floor isolation systems and refine constructions so that the Building Code of Australia and City of Sydney Council’s noise codes were met for inter-apartment noise.

An auditorium was part of the development, and we designed a complex ceiling system to provide the required noise isolation with music to the apartments above.

We undertook this project in collaboration with our close colleagues at Acoustic Studio.