Acoustic engineering expertise, tailored sound systems

High level expertise meets holism-in-design

Being specialists, not generalists, allows us to offer substantially higher expertise in our specialty areas. Great listening acuity and a love of sound, music and performance is married with acoustical and electro acoustical theory. Mathematical precision, computer modelling, and complex acoustic measurements are our tools for developing acoustic solutions.

Our holism-in-design approach is a key part of finding solution for problems in which architecture, sound clarity and operational issues are important. By understanding the interdependence of these domains, we can generate solutions that address a wide range of problems.

Our strong theoretical and experiential platforms give us the confidence to innovate effectively. With absolute attention to detail, solutions are custom designed to the specific needs of each space. We devote more time to understanding the problem and the associated issues than many others in our industry. This gives you the security of knowing your solution has been well thought through and will be the most optimum outcome.

Sound system commissioning

A vital part of the total design process, the commissioning of sound systems is one of our primary skills. Every system that we design is commissioned by us. Each component is first checked and then the system is painstakingly adjusted to bring the sound quality and clarity of amplified speech and music to optimum within the space. This specialist approach is one of the attributes that makes the Acoustic Directions team unique among consultants.

Our projects include:

  • Australian Parliament House
  • New Zealand Parliament
  • High Court of Australia
  • New Zealand Supreme Court
  • Queens Square Law Courts Complex – Sydney
  • NSW Legislative Assembly
  • Central Station Sydney
  • Melbourne Cricket Ground
  • St Paul’s Cathedral Melbourne
  • Hearing Loop Study for RailCorp NSW
  • Northern Territory Parliament
  • Solomon Islands Parliament
  • Commonwealth Law Courts Adelaide
  • FIFA FanFest Enviro-Acoustics
  • St Mary’s Cathedral Sydney
  • ANZAC War Memorial Sydney
  • Brisbane Airport Link Tunnel
  • City of Sydney Council Chamber
  • Macquarie Bank
  • State Emergency Service of NSW